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Julie Eleanor Barnes


Julie Eleanor Barnes © Copyright

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I am a visual artist with a passion for painting and supporting creative endeavor. I believe in the possibility that a painting really can speak a thousand words. It is more than an arrangement of colour and form and can convey meaning and essence which opens up all six senses. I love the power of colours, such a fundamental part of our daily existence. Pale, rich or luminous, filling the senses with their own life force, creating an emotional reaction.

My focus to date has been on producing figurative works; inspired by the universal relationships between humans, nature in both the seen and unseen worlds. Exploring symbolic associations and images that may trigger the viewers own experiences, memories and interpretations.

I am inspired and influenced by everything I experience. Painting offers me a way to share this and connect with people. A bridge between myself and the world using emotion, content and colour. At it's simplest, I hope to add a sense of beauty and stillness into an often chaotic world.

My paintings have been described as “robust yet delicate and having a unique, magical quality.”


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